What is Gorilla Film Magazine?

So what exactly is Gorilla Film Magazine? Well we’re certainly not just one thing, that would be ridiculous. In addition to this blog there’s obviously a rather awesome website, where we review both feature films and shorts, and archive a lot of films we like, so you can watch them straight from our site. We also have a fair bit of film theory, news about upcoming film-related events, as well as interviews with interesting filmmakers. Incidentally, as we’re all young, hip and cool, we’ve got our very own Facebook page, managed by this guy, and a Tw*tter account to keep you in the loop. It’s totally rad. People still say rad, right?

Of course primarily we’re a magazine, which means there are 64 page, full colour copies of Gorilla Film Magazine floating around London. Issues 1 and 2 have already been printed, and are full of sexy content you won’t find on the site. We have interviews with people like Elliot Grove, Oscar Sharp and Jack Garfein, a ton of stuff on the independent film world, tips on practical filmmaking including guides on how to write scripts and identifying stories and characters. We even have our very own ‘top five’ lists, and if you want an example of how we handle such an overused formula, check out our Top Five Alternatives to Summer Blockbusters on the website.

Gorilla Film Magazine wants to raise awareness for films and projects you might not otherwise have heard of, and talk about film in an interesting way without getting bogged down by too much pretentious waffle. There’s plenty of tips for aspiring filmmakers, as well as some down to earth theoritical stuff, including a continuing essay about movie monsters.

If you want to grab yourself a copy, you can buy them online. They’re about four pounds, depending on where you are, and we’ll use the money to buy alcohol print more copies.

We don’t just make magazines, blogs and websites though, we’re not lazy, we also spend a good deal of time hosting or co-hosting events around London. We’ve had film nights, we did a Treasure Hunt for the East End Film Festival, a 46 Hour Film Competition and entertained the Student Film Festival with our spin-the-wheel premise-making game. We’ll keep you informed about our next event, hopefully we’ll get to do a lot more film nights soon.

Finally, an important part of Gorilla Film Magazine is the community, we like the idea that anyone can get in touch with an idea for an article, or a film they want to send us. If you’d like to get involved in any way, send us an email to content@gorillafilmmagazine.com. We welcome all contributions, and if we like you we’ll happily promote your work.

So that’s us, Gorilla Film Magazine. Issue 3 will be coming online very soon, as a kind of celebration of our new and improved website, so stay tuned for that. If you have any further questions I believe the video below should make everything clear. Have a wonderful day.

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