Shooting People: Film Of The Month Competition

With all the advances in online distribution for short-filmmakers there seem to be more short-films out there than ever before. But this does create a problem; as good as YouTube and Vimeo are at hosting films, they’re not that great at filtering the gold from the mud. Any ‘best short-film’ index on these sites is going to be pretty static, with older posted films holding the top spots for a long time making it hard for good new shorts to get any recognition. What’s more, many of those responsible for determining what’s the best may not have much of an appreciation for the short-film format, and seeing as short-films so often take risks and dare to experiment, many good, but obtuse, films will get overlooked. Shooting People’s re-launched Film of the Month competition aims to address this.

The idea is fairly simple; members of the Shooting People network post their films on to watch, other members vote on them (non-members are free to watch the films but can’t vote), this creates a short-list of 5 member-voted films, to which 5 more “wildcard” films are added by Shooting People staff and friends of the site. This short-list of 10 then goes before a guest judge who picks a top 3 and an eventual winner. The advantage of this system is that the voters, being members of the site, know about and understand short-film (well, in theory anyway), and the monthly format of the top 10 means new films can get exposure.

This month’s judge (who joins a very illustrious list of past Film of the Month judges, which includes, Matt Groening, Nick Cave, Danny Boyle, John Waters and Miranda July) ┬áis Mark Cousins, the man responsible for the recent, brilliant, The Story of Film: An Odyssey. So to see what Mr Cousins will have to choose from, and make up your own mind about this month’s “10 best”, check out the Shooting People site.

Shooting People Film of the month logo

Some more about the films on the leaderboard, and a run down of the new, improved competition:

This was written by David Price. You can watch some of his films made with CarsonCoePrice Films here:

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