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The Goon gets CG Animated Adaptation

Posted in Analysis, Animation, News with tags , , , , , , on September 15, 2011 by Gorilla

Making it’s debut in the late nineties, The Goon is a comic book series that follows the adventures of a hulking, muscular brawler who pretends to be an enforcer for the mobster he killed. Eric Powell is both writer and artist, The Goon being very much his baby, and is currently involved in bringing the comic to the big screen. While I’ve had more than enough of comic book movie adaptations, The Goon promises to be something quite different. Powell will be writing the story, while David Fincher produces and Clancy Brown and Paul Giamatti provide the voices. The film is CG animated, but retains a distinctly comic-book feel, down to the ‘blunked out’ eyes of Franky, a traditional flare found in many great newspaper comic strip characters, such as Little Orphan Annie.

The Goon looks to be a highly enjoyable animated movie, with an old school feel and an adult sense of humour. And I for one am very much looking forward to the big screen adaptation about two gangsters trying to make their way in the world. Oh, and they also have to deal with the zombies, vampires, witches, evil priests, demons, tentacle monsters and hobos that have infested their city.

The Goon is still in development, and there’s no word on a release date or even a plot. However there are a few trailers and clips, presumably test footage to get investors interested in the project. For more infomation, and updates, check out The Goon’s website by clicking on this link.

Check out the hilarious clip below!


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