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OTTfilms: Sign up to be a Part of a Community of Filmmakers

Posted in Film Festivals, Promotional with tags , , , on August 10, 2011 by Gorilla

OTTfilms was set up in 2005 to help UK filmmakers get their projects off the ground, at a time when it was extremely difficult to do so without huge funding and resources. Times may have changed but many of the hurdles facing UK Independent filmmakers remain. OTTfilms founder John Condon talks about his community of filmmakers. 

John Condon: I set up OTTfilms in 2005 to enable me to get a short film project off the ground. The problem was, any filmmakers that I knew were so busy trying to get their own projects made that they didn’t have time to help me make mine. It was a Mexican stand off, if you like. So, I decided that the best thing to do was convince them all that rather than none of us getting our films made we should instead band together and get 5 films made. The idea worked and that sense of collaboration and endeavour inspired me to start OTT, based upon that same ethos of give and take.

The name OTT came from that original camaraderie. I likened it to a group of WW1 soldiers leaving the trenches and going out into the no-mans-land of independent filmmaking with only the support of the filmmakers either side of them. So, going OVER THE TOP became OTT and we have never looked back. We now have over 2000 filmmakers, from writers to editors and everything between, making over 20 films a year together. OTT is open to anyone who wants to be involved in any aspect of filmmaking, whether you are a working professional or a keen amateur with no previous experience. All are welcome, as long as you are intending to make films and are willing to help others do the same.

We have a very active writers section and anyone looking to develop a script will find lots of willing help from our existing writers. If you are a director looking for something to direct, then we have a section of scripts that are being offered up by our writers for you to take on. If you are a director with your own script then we can help you crew and cast for every available role. If you are crew or actors then there are dozens of ongoing projects and hundreds waiting to begin. Just show your interest and help make them happen.

Once a film is completed we will host it on our site, on our Vimeo page and we will promote it via our social network. We will also screen every film made by our members to our members and the most successful films are screened at a West End cinema.

On top of that, we provide monthly events where members can gather together and directly discuss new and ongoing productions. We will soon be providing workshops and other incentives for our members. Our website will soon be updated to provide even more tools for our members to help them make their film dreams a reality.

OTT are filmmakers and film lovers, who are willing to help you make films. If you are willing to help other members make their films in return, then sign up today and get involved instantly. Membership is currently free. You can check out the OTT website by clicking on this link. We also recommend you sign up on the forum. And, of course, you can find them on Twitter and Facebook.


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